Friday, June 27, 2014

Rebecca's Debt

The movie Confessions of a Shopaholic has lots of good lessons about debt and credit card use and how you can quickly start to drown without even realizing it. This is what happens to Rebecca in the movie until  she collects around 16,000 dollars in debt.
This movie was released in 2009 and produced by PJ Hogan. It is a funny movie with lots of good advice with money. The main character has tons of credit card debt and is being harassed by a debt collector named Derick Smeath. In the beginning she wants to work for a fashion magazine, Alette, but through a series of events she ends up working for a financial magazine. She starts off writing an artical comparing buying a cashmere sweater is like using a credit card and other things that are simple and easy to relate to. This gains her a lot of fame as a writer under the name the "The Girl in the Green Scarf" as a financial guru. She eventually gets on TV where she is confronted by her debt collector and is embarrassed on national TV.
Rebecca's biggest problem is that she has 12 credit cards and a bad shopping problem but she does do things to help herself like canceling lots of her credit cards having a yard sale and going to meetings for being a shopaholic. Rebecca breaks several times and goes on huge shopping sprees and even melts a block of ice she put a credit card in so she can go shopping and put herself in even more debt. Rebecca should have been saving money  so she could keep paying off all her debt instead of the mindless shopping or she could ask her parents who have always been really good with money. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Importance of College

Most people think college is very important and that it is a necessity to get really far in life. Most people also think college is very expensive and find it very hard to pay for and that seems to be the biggest factor for people not going to college. People who go to college tend to make $20,000 more a year than people who don't go to college, but student loans can make it harder to pay other bills and  to get a home. I also think college gives you more than just an education I believe it teaches you to work with other people, how to live on your own and how to be in a professional environment. It also teaches a lot about work ethics which is a very important thing to know in a work environment. If you have good work ethics then you will be a much more valuable person than someone without. The article I read was really great and you can see it here which I would recommend.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Your Social Resume

Social Media 

Social Media has become a lot more mainstream when it comes to business and can really help you get a job if you know how to use it.

Using Twitter

I think that Twitter is the best professional social media out there. It allows you to connect with your favorite celebrities, heroes and companies on a way more personal level than you have ever before. By following your favorite companies and people you would like to work for you get their news and become more connected with the company, it is even better if they follow you back. This way you know they are keeping up with you and are interested in you, but you need to make sure at that point that all of your tweets are appropriate and give a good impression.

Using LinkedIn

Friday, June 6, 2014

Ignition Discussion

I will be discussing a few topics that I got from Everfi which is a website that teaches about Internet responsibility.

Choosing a Computer

When choosing an computer it is very important to know what all of the functions of the computer are and how they match up with your personal needs. You might want to have the cloud on you computer so files are instantly and easily transferred from all your computers and devices. You need to remember that your computer will not last long before it needs to be updated about 2 to 4 years is the max time someone should have a computer. Computers twenty years form now will be completely different from what they are now nobody can guess what will be in store for us.

Wireless Communication

Owning a cellphone is a really big responsibility because everything it can do. A smartphone has internet capabilities and it should be monitored. Cellphones are also expensive and they could break easily. Cellphones are also very distracting and should never be used whiled driving because you could harm yourself or others. If you are driving you should just turn your phone off and if you are in the passenger seat and the driver is texting while driving then you should tell them to stop and warn them of the dangers of texting while driving.

The Viral World

Technology is a great thing and has helped the world in many ways, but there are risks when using technology. Since there are so many things to do on the internet and lots of them require lots of personal information you need to know how to keep that stuff safe. You can do that by restricting who can see your information and changing your password often, you should have numbers, letters and symbols in your password to keep them safe. Technology is really fun but you can get sucked into it, if you are spending more time doing recreational things on the internet than being with friends or doing school work hen you should probably take some time off of the internet. To help not become technology addicted you should try hanging out with your friends in person.

Internet Resources and Credibility
Technology and the internet is really fun but it also is a great resource for school work, but you have to use it correctly and make sure you do not plagiarize. To make sure you are not plagiarizing always give credit to the author. If you plagiarize intentionally or not it could have series consequences like getting a zero on your work or disciplinary action. We use technology everyday in school and is very helpful but you always need to be aware of plagiarism.

Multimedia Products

Multimedia is great for expressing your ideas and creativity you can post anything you want  in a slideshow which makes it easier to present a presentation. Social media is also a great way to express yourself but you need to be careful about what you post because somebody that you don't know could look at your stuff and find out personal information. You also should be aware of the copyright status of the things you post or you could get in a lot of trouble. Copyright is important because it protects the authors work from being changed or copyrighted. If you put music on your website that allows people download it for free that is considered copyright infringement.

Digital Relationships and Respect

Cyberbulling is bulling someone over the internet. It is different than regular bulling because online you are not face to face and you will be more confident to say something you wouldn't in person. If you are being cyberbullied you should block the person and tell an adult. If one of your friends is being cyberbullied than you should tell  them to delete the person and to tell an adult. If you see some post a mean comment you should stand up for the person to try to end cyberbulling. For more tips click here.

The Future of Technology

Technology has changed every profession greatly and they continue to change. STEM careers are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics these are some of the most recent jobs that have come from all the new technology. New jobs like computer designer and webpage programmer have come from the invention of the computer and internet. STEM jobs are in very high demand and you should prepare for them by taking computer and technology classes. There will be so much more technology in the future for us we can't even imagine it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Computer on a Budget

Hello everyone, I'm Harrison and I will be writing about buying a computer with a printer on a budget. The scenario that I will be creating is that we need to buy a computer and a printer with a budget of $650, this computer will be used for personal use and for school.

 The computer I picked out is a HP Pavilion Touchsmart 17z. I Chose this one for several reasons.
  • It has a 4GB memory so its not the fastest but it will serve the purposes we need.
  • It has 500GB of memory which is a half of a terabyte and that will be plenty of memory
  • It has a 17.3in screen which will be great to watch movies or look at pictures.
  • It is also on about 6lbs so it will be ultra portable.
  • It comes with three USB ports, a HDMI port and a audio-jack.
  • It's graphics are AMD Radeon HD Graphics.
  • It comes with an Ethernet cable.
  • It does not have a DVD slot but for what we are going to use it for it will not need one.
  • It has a web cam and a jack for a microphone.
The price for this computer is $429.99 on the Costco website.

If you want a more in depth overview click here.

This computer will be great for school because it would be able to run basic word processing, power point and spreadsheets. It also has wireless Internet so I would be able to use the Internet in most places. The big screen would be good for entertainment like watching movies. Because of it's light weight it would be very portable.

The printer I chose was the HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn Printer. This printer is $209.99 on the HP website. I chose this printer because of all of the functions below.

  • It has 26 pages per minute.
  • It has double sided printing.
  • It has Airprinting which is compatible with all mobile Apple devices.

If you would like to read more about this printer click here

Below is a complete budget of the computer and the printer. As you can see we, have a net loss  so there are may things we could do to do this, we could wait a little longer and save up more, we could borrow money, we could even look around more to see if we can find one for a better price but that is up for you to decide.

Buying a Computer Budget
Income                                                                                               $650.00



Total Expenses

Sales Tax @ 9%

Sub Total

Net Income/Net Loss


My dream computer would have to be the one I have selected here. A new Imac it's not the most powerful computer but it s all I want.